An example of some of the VFX in League of Legends. What Kevin creates in Unity is easily comparable to these.

League of Legends VFX

Recently a VFX artist named Kevin Leroy posted a bunch of fan-made League of Legends ability effects made in Unity on Reddit, and they are easily some of the best VFX I've seen in Unity.

You can check them out as well as a few short breakdowns of the effects on Kevin's Youtube channel, here:

I've listed this as a tutorial and that is because Kevin also gave me a link to Jason Keyser's Youtube channel. Jason is a VFX artist working for Riot Games on League of Legends and his breakdowns are extremely thorough. With some experience in Unity it's easy to see how each of these effects could be made inside Unity. You can find all his breakdowns on his Youtube channel, here:

Kevin has also started his own tutorial series on how to create VFX in Unity. You can check that out here:

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Thank you :D

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