Pixel art by Derek Yu

Learn to draw pixel art

A written 10-step tutorial by Derek Yu on how to draw pixel art. Very informative and easy to follow.

Read the tutorial on Derek's blog, here:

Derek Yu created Spelunky which is one of my all time favorite games, which also makes him one of my favorite game developers.

There's a bunch of other high quality articles on his blog which I also advise you to check out. Some examples include his post mortem on Spelunky or his article about the design problems with Earthworm Jim.

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Spelunky is also one of my favorite game. I always wanted to learn to draw pixel art, so thank you for sharing this tutorial. Also, I found another tutorial. You can just visit the website here and read it, maybe you will find some additional information for your tutorial.

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Alan Max

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Jordan Belfort

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