Procedural mesh vision cone

Vision cone created with a procedural mesh. Can be used for enemy line of sight, cameras etc. Made by Ben Redahan.

Get the project from Ben's Github:

This implementation is fairly rough, but it's a good starting point and it showcases an effect that's very useful for a lot of things. And best of all there's not much code here at all so it's easy to reverse engineer and extend.

Here's an article which describes how such a technique can be optimized:

Here's the Reddit thread where I initially discovered the project. People there have some tips for improvements to be made as well:

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Darek Silva

This reminds me of the optical illusions that we use to read in the matriculation levels. This cone seems very beneficial as having a high-resolution vision in it. By this, we can easily recognize the thief and criminal on the crime spot if the cameras of such kind are placed over there. I write instruction on site for more helping. I hope this work done fast on all levels in the country.

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