Antialiasing ON
Antialiasing OFF

Subpixel morphological antialiasing

The best antialiasing currently available for Unity if you're using deferred shading and it's completely free and open source. Created by Thomas Hourdel.

You can download it from Thomas' github repository, here:

Here's the official Unity forum thread if you have any questions about it:

Thomas also has a number of really high quality assets on the Unity asset store worth checking out:!/publisher/1627

Note: Just open the two images in new tabs to more easily compare them and see the difference between antialiasing on and off.

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I also downloaded the demo. Very itneresnitg. I was however surprised to see only two SMAA modes available in the demo (SMAA 1x and SMAA T2x). Do you plan on adding support for the other SMAA modes (like S2x and 4x)? I would like to compare quality and performance of all of those.Thanks.

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Øyvind Strømsvik

@KrishNa: Hey, it's really not my demo or my asset, I'm just bringing attention to it. :)

Anyway, the man behind this asset is working for Unity now so I'm sure we'll see some new AA methods in Unity soon.

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I'm very impressed, I ceolipmd and tested your demos from the source, but I was unable to make this compatible to some dude injection dll, I think it would be a nice boost to make it known if you adapt your shader to that injection method, to make it compatible to almost any existent PC game.Regards.

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Øyvind Strømsvik

@Rafik: I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. :p

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Sara F. Andrade

Subpixel morphological antialiasing provides the best image quality and solves the problems of filter existing in antialiasing algorithms.