About me

My name is Øyvind Strømsvik and this is my personal website dedicated for the most part to game development in Unity. But you'll also, eventually, find some tutorials and various articles here. As well as a few rants. I need a place to vent some steam and my own personal website seems like a fitting place for it.

I've been passionate about games all my life and started dabbling in game development a long time ago with BlitzBasic, but I quickly lost interest and began doing 3d modeling instead. For a while I considered getting a degree in 3d modeling in the hopes of making it my full time job, but I decided against it at the last minute because the thought of having to make things for other people didn't appeal to me. What I love about both game development and 3d modeling is making things for myself.

I was then given the opportunity to work part time with web design which turned into web development and later into my current full time job as a partner in Ny Media AS, a small web development company in Trondheim, Norway, where I currently live.

3d modeling remained a hobby and I picked up game development again around the release of Unity 2.0. My driving force behind wanting to get back into game development was my lost interest in commercial games as they started appealing to a group of gamers I was no longer in. Indie games were the only games that still looked interesting, but at the same time some of them looked like they would be just as fun to make as to actually play. And many of them were made by just one guy.

The purpose of this website is to showcase my Unity projects as well as provide useful resources for those interested in Unity game development and for me to have a place to write down some of my thoughts and ideas I guess..

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.