An example showing how I use this asset in the upcoming update to my in-game settings menu project.

Apple style UI blur

This post processing effect made by Pavel Dobryakov perfectly mimics the frosted glass look used a lot by Apple in both iOS and OS X.

You can download the asset from Pavels github, here:

The various settings for the Blur are explained on github, but it's not clearly described how you use the asset. By default it blurs the whole screen, to only blur your UI you need to set "Render Mode" to "UI" and the add the "SuperBlurUI" material to the UI elements you want to blur. Then you can use the color setting of the UI element to tint the blur. Pure white produces the frosted glass look.

I don't know what "Only UI" does, it makes the entire screen black for me.

Note: For me the materials were imported without their shaders assigned so I had to do that manually. After I did that everything worked as expected.

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