Still a fairly good looking project in my opinion, and there are a ton of cool assets and neat scripts in here.

Bootcamp example project

My favorite Unity example project. The character model is excellent, but so are most of the assets in this project and some of the scripts are really useful.

The character model in particular is excellent, but there is a lot of cool functionality in this project, there is a fully working minimap/radar, a menu showing how to approach in-game graphics settings, albeit using the old UI, but there's still a lot of value in here.

This project is verified working in Unity 3.5.7, which is the latest version of Unity 3. You can download both this version of Unity and the project from the links on this page.

Disclaimer: This project is no longer officially supported. Most likely you'll get no support from me either, just use take it for what it is.

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Ted Wilson

I looking for your Shooting Range?


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Øyvind Strømsvik

@Ted Wilson: It was probably you who asked on the Unity forums as well :), but like I said I don't have it anymore.

Can I ask where you found out about it? Seeing as it's many years since I worked on that. :p

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Thank you for uploading this. I have successfully upgraded and made it work in Unity 5. The minimap however gives some problems and I had to alter the blur script for a quick workaround.

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I found the link on an extensive web search. I made my own version of a shooting range cobbled together from many resources. I will send you a zip file if you like.


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Ehi Ted i'm interested in your modification .. can you please share??

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