Enemy AI in Sunset Overdrive

A fantastic talk by Adam Noonchester on how the AI for the enemies in Sunset Overdrive was implemented. 

It's really neat to get an inside look on how AAA games approach things like AI. The best part about this talk is how familiar a lot of it is to someone using Unity. This made it very easy to follow along.  The navmesh solution he shows is similar to the navmesh in Unity, what he calls nav clues are the same things as off-mesh links in Unity, the blend trees he shows look very similar to Mecanim, the trigger volumes are the same etc. etc. In the talk Adam even mentions Unity and prefabs and how they tried similar systems to ease some of the manual work involved. That was another thing that surprised me, just how much manual work was involved with the AI solution, hand placing 100 000 Off-Mesh Links sounds extremely tedious.

After watching the video I feel like I could just sit down and create exactly the same thing in Unity based on that one video alone. This is one of the best talks I've seen on that subject.

Check out the talk on Youtube, here:

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