Low poly water shader

A really cool shader by Ronnie Moe. Just throw this on a plane and you have water which looks like the water in Monument Valley.

Read about the effect and download the shader from Ronnie's blog, here:

There's more cool stuff on Ronnie's blog as well. For example this extension of the water shader which has impact waves and transparency:

Sadly, there's no explanation or code examples for the extension, but I'm sure he doesn't want to give away everything he's working on either.

Note: This shader is fairly rough, but it works out of the box and it's fun to play around with. It should serve as a good starting point for learning about one approach to such effects in Unity.

Ronnie Moe's picture

Ronnie Moe

Thanks for mentioning my shader! It's not perfect, since I'm new to this shader business.. Have gotten a little further after what's on the blog.. But have little time to update..

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Øyvind Strømsvik

@Ronnie Moe: Thanks for making it and for making it available. :)

When I look for Unity resources, what I value the most is that I can understand them and extend them if I need to. This shader ticks all those boxes. Sure it's a bit rough, like I said, but anyone in need of such an effect has a great starting point here.

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