Viking Village example project

This project has extremely high quality textures. A lot of very high quality 4K normal map detail textures for example. A single one of these textures was almost 130MB before I compressed it.

This project can be upgraded to any version of Unity without errors. It will probably look stellar modern post processing etc.

Note: I ran all the TIFF images in the project through a batch action in Photoshop which flattened all the layers, reduced the color depth from 16 bits per channel to 8 bits per channel and resaved them with LZW compression. I also converted the skybox HDRI from HDR to EXR and compressed it as well. This reduced the project size by about 200MB and more importantly it brought certain files below the maximum Github file size of 100MB. I feel the original project is just Unity once again showcasing bad practices in their example projects. Even though your source assets aren't included in your builds there's no reason to just waste space.

Disclaimer: This project is no longer officially supported. Most likely you'll get no support from me either, just use take it for what it is.