New Unity project: Pong
November 22, 2014 | 2 comments

New Unity project: Pong

I've finished and uploaded another Unity project. This time it's a Pong clone. I've decided to become better at actually completing projects which I think is a very valuable skill to have, and contrary to what you may think is not that easy to do.

When working for a client the budget often determines the scope, but when working on hobby projects there are no limits and feature creep is a real issue. That's why I've decided to just make a few clones of existing games so there would be no chance of feature creep because I would know the scope of the project from the beginning.

You can play the game here:

As per usual the entire project folder is available for download if you want to have a look. I will try and finish more of my old projects and upload them here in the coming months.

Tutorials extended
November 15, 2014 | 5 comments

Tutorials extended

I've sort of involuntarily started a project series that I thought I would share with anyone interested. I call it "Tutorials extended" and It's the result of various Unity tutorials, mainly official ones, after I've added the features I wanted to them.

My interest with Unity, and most other things, comes and goes very rapidly. And after a long period way Unity can be quite intimidating so I need something to ease me back into it. Tutorials accomplish this quite well. Mindlessly following a tutorial gradually reintroduces me to the tools again without it being overwhelming. And I may even end up learning something new as well. While following the tutorial I think about features I would like to add to that particular project and after I've completed the tutorial I just continue working on the project until I'm happy with what I have. The ultimate goal is rekindled interest in continuing with one of my own projects, all which suffer from feature creep… read more

Work in progress etc. etc.
April 9, 2012 | 1 comments

Work in progress etc. etc.

Hi there and welcome to my new site.

For the moment this site is just used to host some of my unfinished Unity projects. The layout and everything else is continuously evolving. In the future I will hopefully use this site to host some finished Unity projects complete with downloadable project files as well as some tutorials and my thoughts on various subjects. And there will probably be a few rants here about the state of current AAA games.

PS: This is a completely new Drupal installation and those who had users and high scores connected with my old third person shooter game have lost them. Sorry about that.

Disclaimer: I develop live on this site. Because I have to do everything so properly at work with different environments for development, staging and production it's nice to be able to "do it live" on my own site, just like in the old days before git and all that faff. So if something is broken it's probably just me fiddling with it. If it stays broken then I most likely don't know about it and would appreciate it if you told me. :)