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October 30, 2015 | 1 comments

New resources section

I've added a new resources section to my site. My goal with it is to gather all the high quality assets, tutorials, tips & guides I find that are related to Unity and game development in one place.

I made it mostly for my own sake so rather than having bookmarks or using Evernote to keep track of the things I find, I instead have a sortable and searchable (eventually) database on my own website. But then I thought other people may find it useful as well so I decided to polish it some and publish it. It ended up being a massive undertaking, comparable to writing a dozen articles, so I hope you do find some use in it.

What I enjoy the most about it is that I've gotten access to many of the old official Unity tutorials and projects that are now unsupported and are no longer hosted on the Unity asset store or the official Unity website. I've uploaded a few of them already, but I'll add even more as time goes on. Most of the tutorials probably aren't that interesting anymore seeing as they were made for Unity 2, but I think the assets in some of them are great. My favorite is the 3D platformer tutorial. You can make so many different games and prototypes with those assets. Check it out and all the other resources here: /resources

Just remember that those old projects are no longer supported so please don't bother Unity if you have problems with them. Feel free to bother me however, I don't mind.

And if you have resources of your own or find some you feel like I should add to the collection don't hesitate to contact me. I already have a backlog of things I haven't had the time to add yet.

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I've been passionate about games all my life and started dabbling in game development about 15 years ago with BlitzBasic,... read more but I quickly lost interest and began doing 3d modeling instead. 3d modeling remained a hobby and I picked up game development again around the release of Unity 2.0. My driving force behind wanting to get back into game development was my lost interest in commercial games as they started appealing to a group of gamers I was no longer in. Indie games were the only games that still looked interesting, but at the same time some of them looked like they would be just as fun to make as to actually play. And many of them were made by just one guy.

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