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First person shooter tutorial

The original first person tutorial. Probably not the most useful tutorial by todays standards, but it features an entire level, some neat models and scripts.

The tutorial itself is probably a bit hard to follow now seeing as it was made for Unity 2, but I've verified that the project works in Unity 2.6.1 which you can download from the link on the right. The original tutorial and the project is also available for download on the right.

Disclaimer: This project is no longer officially supported and it is NOT for Unity 5. Most likely you'll get no support from me either, just use take it for what it is.

Giuseppe Candido's picture

Giuseppe Candido

hi and thanksfor this tut but is there a way we canhave a c# conversion of the tut?

Øyvind Strømsvik's picture

Øyvind Strømsvik

@Giuseppe Candido: Hi Giuseppe, I'm afraid that these old tutorials are provided as is. These tutorials are so old that the API have changed completely so even if they were in C# it may not be applicable to modern Unity. In my opinion these tutorials are most useful for some of the assets and one or two algorithms or script snippets and they should be easy enough to convert to C# directly when you need them.