Screenshot from the finished game.

Top down shooter

A tutorial series by Sebastian Lague on how to create a top down shooter with a really cool procedural map generator.

Some of the tutorial is fairly standard, but a part of it is dedicated to the map generator and it is fantastic.

Watch the tutorial here:

Sebastian has a lot of really high quality tutorials on Youtube and this is his longest tutorial by far. Spread out over 25 parts. But you don't have to follow the entire tutorial to get something out of it - most of the concepts can be done and implemented in your own game regardless of the rest of the tutorial. The map editor is part 8 through 13 and is even built in its own scene so there's no need to do any of the other parts if that's the only thing you're interested it. In my opinion it is the best and most unique part of the tutorial.

The source code for every part of the tutorial is available from Sebastian's Github, here:

You can also download the complete project:

If you just want to play the game, Sebastian has made it available on, here: